About Us

Accrediteddegrees.org is a website created by Rachel Simmons in 2011, for the purpose of providing students who wish to enroll for an accredited degree from a learning institution. This data has been collected from various sources on the internet. A friend of mine was searching for a course in management, and he asked for my help in doing so. While searching for this information, it occurred to us that this pertinent information was available from various websites in bits and pieces, and could thus be consolidated for the help of students wishing to do courses (which are accredited from the various accreditation agencies). We decided to format and construct this information in a better way, creating a single website instead of several websites.

We did some more research in the area, and finally came up with this website. This site has information about the various courses available, the financial aid programs for the courses, the colleges which offer accredited programs, and the career prospects after one finishes an accredited program. This information can be used as a reference by any student who is trying to find information about the accredited education programs from the internet. This site will save you much time and effort as well.

We shall try to keep the information as up to date as possible. But in case some information here is not correct by the present records, feel free to write to us at info@accrediteddegrees.org and we shall update our information present on the website. We would be thankful to our visitors for doing so.